Wednesday, 28 March 2012

KIKO Make Up Milano

I wanted to write a blog post on one make up brand that I found about three years ago in Italy, KIKO, and ever since I've fallen in love with it! I recently came back from Italy after a five day break and I took the oppurtunity to purchase some of my favourites from KIKO - it gives me a fab excuse to go back!

KIKO cosmetics is an Italian professional cosmetics brand, very similiar in the high standard set by MAC cosmetics (of who I am a massive fan). Ranging from just €2 to €14.50 the whole range is affordable for every day use, which is amazing considering the high quality of all their products.

One of my first buys from the brand was their 'Falsh Lashes Concentrate' mascara, which at €3.90, I was a bit sceptical about what to expect. I think it is aimed to be used as a top coat alongside other mascaras, to maximise volume and length, but I find it works just as well by itself. The small wand makes it so easy to lengthen every single lash and works wonders on my lashes on my bottom eye lid. It separates lashes so you don't get them clumping together and really enchances my eyes! I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to everyone. During the day I use this as my only mascara, to frame my eyes with definition thats not too over the top. If I go out, I'll use this either as a base or a top coat as it works great with any other mascara regardless.

KIKO have now got three other mascaras in this Falsh Lashes Concentrate range, which is only good news! I'm looking forward to trying the other three - 'Curling Top Coat', 'Lengthening Top Coat' and 'Waterprood Top Coat', all priced at €3.90 or £3.90. Also at the same price is their '30 Days Extension' Daily Treatment Mascaras which I can't wait to try out on my tiny eyelashes!

I also bought a gorgeous 'Crystal Sheer Lipstick' and matching 'Soft Touch Blush' last week, which are a pinky coral colourl, great for this summer!

KIKO are offering free shipping on your first order within 15 days of registering, so go and sign up now!

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