Friday, 9 March 2012

Feeling like the start of summer ...

Seeing the temperatures slowly rising, and some sun gradually coming into the weather forecasts is starting to get me excited for summer! Summer is definitely my favourite season, you can do so much more like sponntaneously going to the beach, or going up to London which is GORGEOUS in the sunshine, even just sitting in the park enjoying the sun. Nothing quite like having a nice drink outside the pub in the summer evenings, pimm's o'clock!

Last summer I got my first taste for festivals - I went to Creamfields. A few of my friends went to Redfest which is a lot closer to home and they seemed to have equally as good a time as me. I have to say I was planning to go to Reading festival (which is where I was born). I always planned to go to Reading every year and for several years I kept saying I would go, but when I actually had the money I thought I'd have a better time at Creamfields, seeing more people that I wanted to than at Reading festival. I'll definitely be going to Reading festival in the future, but Creamfields is a favourite of mine now!

Holidays, another great thing about the summer sun! For the past few years I've managed to get away with some friends, one year to Italy (personal favourite country of mine), another year I went sailing around the Greek Island for my best friends birthday and last year I went to Malia with a friend as she was doing a season out there. Each year my friends and I plan to plan to go on holiday, but with different work schedules it doesn't really happen. It's difficult getting time off with four of us working and one at uni, but it WILL happen one day!

This year I won't be doing as much sad to say, but I will get a few days in Ibiza in there somewhere - working in an airport it does get depressing at work sending everyone else off on their holidays! Creamfields is a must this year too as well as a lot of sunbathing, pub evenings and ice cream! And hopefully I'll still get a tan!

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